Muscular development

Combining resistance-based activities such as weight training with higher levels of protein intake is proven to stimulate lean muscle development. Your body is constantly breaking down muscle and rebuilding it, especially when doing weight-based activities. If you are consuming enough protein and providing the body with amino acids to help repair and grow your muscles, then over time you will increase the levels of lean muscle mass in your body.

Reduce calorie intake

Protein-based foods tend to be more filling and satisfying, so eating more of them in your diet can result in less calories being consumed. Reducing the total amount of calories eaten every day can help you manage your weight more easily.

Increase overall daily calorie burn

Your body will utilize a lot more energy to break down and digest protein properly, than foods lower in protein such as fats or carbohydrates. Protein compared to fats and carbohydrates requires more than double the amount of calories to become metabolized, which is known as the thermic effect.

Increase potential for fat loss

When you combine increased muscle mass, more satiety from your meals and an overall higher metabolic rate due to extra muscle and the thermic effect of eating more protein, your body has more potential to lose body fat. You still need to be in an over-all energy deficit to lose body fat, but having this combination of factors makes dieting much more effective and easier to sustain than other methods of body fat reduction.

Gain more strength from your training

If you are involved in activity that requires a certain level of strength, then expect your strength levels to increase with increased protein intake. This is due to the combination of extra muscle development and quicker recovery from your training.

Better quality of life

If you want robust health and the ability to perform well, then strength, mobility, muscle mass, staying lean and having good internal functionality are vital. Increasing protein intake alone will not deliver all these benefits. However, as part as an overall diet and fitness program, it can have a significant impact that will give you a much better quality of life both now and as you age.